Our products

Agotzaina SLU produces three main groups of pasteurised liquid Egg.

All our products are made with eggs from:

  • Free range farms
  • Barn farms
  • Organic Farms
  • Battery farms

Liquid-Egg / with sugar / with salt

This product is composed of whole hen egg, with the following variants:

  • Standard / Whole
  • With added sugar or salt
  • Special product for sauces / pasta / pastries

Egg yolk in all its variants:

This product is made out of hen egg yolk

  • Standard
  • With sugar or salt

Egg White in all its variants

This product is made out of hen egg white.

  • Standard
  • With added sugar or salt


Agotzaina SLU has a large choice of packaging:

  • Containers: 1000 kg Bag in Box / Container. Polyethylene bag and returnable box / container made out of foldable plastic or metal.

All our products must be kept in a cool environment between 0 and 4ºC. This temperature must be maintained during transportation and distribution.

The thermal treatment of our product means that it is at a low microbiological risk.