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Agotzaina SLU has its own fleet of refrigerated trucks for our egg products that ensure transportation from our premises to the final customers. During transportation the egg is maintained at temperatures between 0 and 4°C.

Our facilities cover a total surface of 14.000 m2, of which 2.410 m2 are built:

  • Production Plant, Laboratory and logistics department: 2.223 m2
  • Loading and unloading bays
  • Refrigerated storage of raw materials
  • Finished product storage
  • Breaking and separation room

Pasteurization capacity: 1 x 5 000 litre / hour pasteuriser and 1 x 10 000 litre / hour pasteuriser.

Production capacity of 2000 Tonnes/month

  • Offices 186,9 m2


Agotzaina SLU has its own fleet of refrigerated trucks for a daily delivery service. We also work with international logistics companies for export.

We optimise transportation for cold and frozen deliveries to guarantee our customers excellent product quality.

  • T º refreshed meat: 0ºC-3ºC
  • T º frozen meat: -18ºC

We have a production, freezing and storage capacity of 1000 Tn/month.

We have two separate production belts that are currently used for the production of ham.