Our strategy has always been based on several fundamental beliefs:

We look for the highest possible quality during our entire production process:

We strive to secure the satisfaction of each and every customer through a process of constant improvement and innovation.
Each step of our production chain is thoroughly and systematically checked so that we can guarantee optimal quality and security standards. Our main objective is to go above and beyond quality standards during each stage of our production process: from the environment and nutrition of the farm animals to the packaging of the final product. Our goal is to supply our customers with a quality ingredient for their use, thus ensuring them a high quality final product for the end user.

Continuous adjustment and evolution which is focused on satisfying the needs of each and every customer:

In a constantly evolving and increasingly demanding market, our main objective is to meet the requirements of our customers and therefore those of the final consumers. This means that we are constantly developing specific cutting-edge products while at the same time respecting the balance between modernity and tradition, profitability and environment.

Large distribution capacity:

Our structure and our distribution network means we are able to fully satisfy the delivery needs of our customers every day.


Our main goal is to satisfy our customers.

Agotzaina SLU / Bekoetxe shares its extensive experience and advice with its customers in all matters concerning its products and the market evolution of these products.
Agotzaina SLU’s strives to respect the environment and to respect the health and well-being of people and of our farms’ animals. We guarantee our customers safe and healthy products which are supplied in harmony with nature. Our customers have shown that they are attracted to alternative ways of producing so we are currently concentrating our efforts on organic, free-range and barn farming.
Our eco-approach and our solid culture of responsibility are materialized in various projects which are all designed to reduce the environmental impact of our activity and encourage sustainable development.

Our company’s goals can be achieved thanks to the focus and determination of our Research and Development Department whose personnel regularly develops new products, processes, automation and technology in order to offer more competitive and better quality products.

We are convinced that today and in an increasingly greater proportion tomorrow, nutrition is and will be a fundamental stake in the world-wide promotion of a healthy lifestyle. We are working with all our means to contribute to this process. We are focusing our energy on the research and development of better processes based on traditional food styles and on the specific needs of each customer and each market.