Meat Range

AGOTZAINA SLU has extended its line of business to the trade of pork and now owns a processing and transformation plant. The cutting room is situated in the province of Gerona.

AGOTZAINA SLU has developed a close relationship with a large network of national and international suppliers and customers and we currently export to more than 30 countries.

Our goal is to satisfy and cover the needs of our customers and to offer our suppliers the opportunity to develop where possible.

AGOTZAINA SLU has a sales team specialized in pork that guarantees our customers the best quality and service.

Our plant offers:

  1. Head: pork head trimming 90/10, pork head trimming (1-2-3), pork head trimming 85/15, pork mask (1,2), pork cheek meat, pork head bones, pork snouts, pork ears.
  2. Front: shoulder 4D, jowls rindless, neckbones, breast bones.
  3. Centre: pork spareribs, pork tenderloin, pork collar, pork loin, pork skin, back fat skinless, pork backbone.
  4. Pancetta: pork belly boneless, skinless, fat.
  5. Ham: ham round cut, ham 4D, shank meat, pork tail, tail bones.
  6. Trimmings: ham trimming, shoulder&ham trimming 90/10, shoulder&ham trimming 80/2, shoulder&ham trimming 50/50, gullet trimming, shoulder&ham trimming 70/30
  7. Offal: kidneys, stomach, brain, hearts.
  8. Small intestine with mucous: chitterling.

Iberican PORK:
Our plant offers:

  1. Back fat: : Iberian back fat +3/4 cm, iberian back fat +4cm